Tema Foundation

The inhabitants of the land of Tema brought water to him that was thirsty, they prevented with their bread him that fled.
- Isaiah 21:14, KJV
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we embrace these principles

To help in a sustainable way, we must inform, enable, and inspire the efforts, ambitions, and strength of spirit in the people we seek to help

It is in working together with others that we can accomplish more than we can alone

Home grown solutions are often the best and most sustainable solutions

The basic needs of humankind are water, food, shelter, health, dignity, peace, joy, and purpose. It is in making it possible for people to acquire, appreciate and benefit from the filling of these basic needs that our success will be measured

Hunger and thirst have physical and spiritual dimensions and a complete humanitarian work must touch the soul as well as the life of the individual

Donations and available resources, whether scarce or plentiful, must be utilized efficiently and purposefully, for maximum benefit to those we serve

The love of our Savior Jesus Christ constrains us to help our fellow man, and is itself the solution to many of mankind’s problems. Our loving and gracious Father in Heaven has a plan and a destiny for Humankind and our ultimate success as Humans depends on working within His purposes and following His ways

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